Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Whole 30 - Day Two

Happy Humpday Intertubes!
Dave and I are slowly getting our act together and getting back into routine. He actually got the coffee machine going for me yesterday while I was getting dressed and I made his coffee for him before he left for work last night. Daaaaaaaaw!

The cute, it hurts.

Without further adieu, here is yesterday's breakdown:
Breakfast: Three eggs scrambled in the drippings from the four slices of Gwaltney's No Sugar Bacon I made, along with black coffee and a banana.

Lunch: Leftover chili from the night before, some baby carrots and a cup of grapes.

Crossfit: You know what? I'm going to list my workouts here whether you want them or not, so there.
Pre-WOD - One rep max, Front Squat - 115#
WOD - 15 minute AMRAP - 20 weighted sit-ups (RXed 25#), 5 pull-ups (green band), and 40' bear crawl. Did 6 rounds, plus 11 sit-ups.

Dinner: Chicken roasted in the crockpot. Probably had a little more than I should have, portion-wise. But it was goooooood stuff. I also made mashed cauliflower to go with it. Instead of using butter, I added 2 tablspoons coconut milk and 1 tablespoon coconut oil, as well as threw in some garlic powder, salt and pepper. Best mashed cauliflower EVAR!

I have to admit I feel like I'm spending all my free time at home cooking, even more so than usual. But no pain, no gain...or... er, loss, right? It doesn't look like I'll have a whole lot going on this weekend (YAY!) so with some luck I'll be able to get a jump on some cooking and be able to start next week actually prepared.

Keep the shiny side up my friends!

PS I promise that Austin post is coming soon.

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