Wednesday, January 30, 2013

We're 1/3 of the way!! Woot!

Day 10, I am in you!

Crossfit was fun last night, in the way that only Crossfit can that I mean, not ha-ha fun, but I-did- something-awesome-today fun. The work out was a 20 minute Ladder of 2 hand-stand pushups, (or pikes, in my case) 4 box jumps (Rx for ladies was 20") and then 8 butterfly sit-ups. After each round, we kept the pikes at 2, but added 4 to the total box jumps and 8 to the sit-ups. So by the time I got to round six, I had to  do 24 box jumps and 48 sit-ups to complete the round. I managed to complete the 6 rounds, plus 2 more pikes, 28 more box jumps and got 11 sit-ups in when the time ran out. The awesome part was that pre-WOD, I really thought I'd poop out and have to go down to a lower box by the final rounds. I even set up a 16" box, just in case. But did I have to use it? Nope. (Holla)

What I felt like doing the whole WOD on the 20" box:

What I really looked like:
Only, ya know, not as cute.

To the details of the day:
Breakfast: The mushroom/broccoli casserole and some bacon. The casserole alone wasn't cutting it. Grabbed coffee and a banana on my way in to work.

Lunch: Leftover spaghetti squash with ground turkey/marinara sauce with a tangerine and a few strawberries. See yesterday's post for the holy-too-sweet-batman reaction to the fruit.

Pre-workout Snack : Handful of almonds

Crossfit: See rambling, boastful paragraph above.

Dinner: Dave was kind enough to make dinner AGAIN. He slapped together a Paleo Shepard's Pie that was crazy yummy. He also made some Paleo Mayo which I am looking forward to trying with some tuna tomorrow for lunch. I'm so happy we are on tjhe same wave length now regarding our health goals and methods for attaining them. For years, everyone once in a while he would get into something (cleanses or juicing, for example) and it would be something I just wasn't on board with and vice versa (weight watchers, tracking, etc). So we'd both end up feeling not really "heard" or entirely supported while in reality the other really was trying, they just weren't in the same head-space or into the same thing. But now we are, and it's aaaaaaaaawesome. 

Til tomorrow, stay classy interwebs!

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