Tuesday, January 22, 2013

And we're off.....

One down, twenty-nine to go. It was a crazy, slightly frustrating day. Not so much because of the Whole 30, but because of it being the first full day back to work after being off several days due to the unfortunate and sad passing of my sister-in-law a little over a week ago and then the Austin trip. Though my house and office may beg to differ, I am a fairly organized person and like to feel prepared for Monday, so to speak. And I wasn't. And i especially needed to be this week. But after some google-ing and planning and list making, I'm ready to properly tackle life again, now. Or will be anyways if I can just get to bed a little earlier tonight.

Any-ramble, what did Day 1 look like? This:

Breakfast: I grabbed a banana and small black coffee from 7-11. I had intended to make eggs but was behind the 8-ball and ran out of time in the morning.

Lunch: There was no W30 approved protein at home in the way of chicken or what-have-you, so I just added pinenuts to my salad of lettuce/cauliflower/broccoli/cucumbers. I mixed my own oil and vinegar dressing. It was...ok. I guess I'll have to learn to like it. I also had a "Cutie." Are those things tangerines or oranges? I'm not sure, but they are GOOD. Holden turned me onto them. The boy knows his citrus.

This is not Paleo!

Pre-workout Snack: I ran into Target after work/before Crossfit to buy more supplies to support the cause. Finally purchased a coffee-maker and little baking dishes. I quickly realized that the lack of protein thus far in the day was wearing me down. I bought a jar of  raw almonds and ate a handful on the way to the gym.

Workout: Crossfit. I'm considering putting my workouts on here as well. Anyone interested?

Dinner: After an epic shopping trip post-WOD, I got home a little after eight. And realized despite my meal plan and shopping list, I hadn't factored in a meal for that evening that was quick or easy. Oh well. I decided to sacrifice a little sleep in order to get a jump on leftovers and made chili. And I sauteed up some chicken that can be added to salads in a pinch, aaaand I cut some fruit, etc. It actually wouldn't have been the worst way to spend an evening, if the laptop would have been working properly and I could have caught up on the latest My Drunk Kitchen episodes. (sigh) Oh Hannah, won't you be my best friend? But I digress....

I didn't get to bed till close to midnight, but the chili was fantastic! I highly recommend it. You can find the recipe here. Holly Would If She Could is a great real-world, paleo/fitness blog.

All said and done it was a tiring, but successful first day. I'd like to share some stories/photos of Austin but I think I'll make that into a separate post in case some of you want to skip the food porn.

Stay shiny, my friends.

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