Monday, January 21, 2013

Please do not attempt to feed the wildlife.

Dave and I have begun the Whole 30 as of this morning. You have been warned.

Technically, we also started a two month Paleo-Challenge with our friends at Treasure Coast Crossfit last Monday. However, Dave's epic 40th Birthday trip to Austin, TX was this past Thursday through Sunday, so...yeah.

Look! I even went to Crossfit while I was in Austin. Not ya know, actually worked out or anything, but walked by and had Dave take a picture of myself outside the building.

Which is why we had been planning for the past couple of months to start the Whole 30 today. But then the TCCF Paleo Challenge popped up and we wanted to be a part of that too...and next thing you know we're in it to win it....Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Sorry TCCF teammates, but I regret not the Gourdough's Heavenly Hash Donut, the Oscared Beef Tenderloin at Jack Allen's Kitchen, the Spinach Enchilada at The Oasis, nor the Fat Tires at far too many awesome bars to count. But we're done now and ready to get back to business. Especially after reading more of the Paleo Solution on the plane home and realizing that grains are probably the cause of my Hashimoto's and Lack-of-Gallbladder.

INFORMATION I COULD HAVE USED....well, many year ago apparently. Better late than never, I suppose.

I'm going to try to post daily for the duration of the Whole 30. For my records, and for anyone following along at home who is thinking about giving it a shot. I suspect it will be a challenge, but since we are already Primal/Paleo (vacations aside) the transition should not be too painful. But stay tuned, I'm sure the process will be entertaining either way, like really bad TV.

We had our measurements taken at Crossfit last week. I'll get those numbers and post them later for a baseline. But I do think it is worth noting what four days of debauchery will do to you. On Thursday morning, before we left for the airport, I was 177.6 lbs. This morning (we returned last night) I was 187.2. Crazy, huh? When I am "good," gains like that disappear in a week, but still...really? The tough part is that doing the Whole 30 we are not supposed to weigh ourselves or track our food. Things I do and have been doing almost EVERYDAY since May of 2011.

Yikes. But the scale has been put away and myfitnesspal will just have to go unused for a month. I am committed...or maybe should be.

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