Monday, January 28, 2013

Weekend Wrap-up

We totally made Week One of the Whole 30 our bitch!

How hard has it been so far? Not very, actually. But, and this but is almost as big as my own, this is due to the fact that getting to this point has been a very gradual process. I get why eating Paleo and especially the Whole 30 is so difficult for the average CW-type eater. I would have balked at it years ago too. However, the path that has led me to this point has been gradual enough that making the transition has been relatively easy. Though Weight Watchers is far from Paleo, their current formulas really do encourage folks to eat less "bad" carbs, and more protein sources, as well and fruits and vegetables. I figured out real quick that my Paleo meals (not that I knew to call them that at the time) would end up giving me more bang for my buck, points-wise. And then when I felt I had run my course with Weight Watchers, I got introduced to the Primal Blueprint and started eating to that plan. From there it's just a short hop to full-on Paleo and then the Whole 30.

That said, it is still not without it's challenges. This week I did struggle a few times with not being to drink soda. The funny thing is I find the temptations for soda are the same as when I quit smoking. I don't crave the actual thing (nicotine/caffeine/whatever-the-crap-they-put-in-diet-soda) but I'll be in a situation wherein I would normally partake and that is when I want it. When I finished grocery shopping the other day I came so close to grabbing a soda out of the cooler next to check-out. It's all about the habit of having it, not so much the thing itself.

I also think I am eating too much fruit. From what I gather if I wasn't trying to lose weight it wouldn't be an issue, but I am. I'm not going to lie, trimming down some more is my largest motivator for doing the Whole 30. I'm averaging around three servings a day of fruit, and I think most folks keep it to one per day, if that.

So that said, here's the weekend's breakdown:

Breakfast: Eggs, bacon, coffee, banana.

Lunch: Salad with chicken and oil/vinegar and grapes.

Exercise/Dinner: Dodgeball was, say it with me, you know you want to...AAAAAAAMAZE-BALLS! Sweet Socrates, it was so much fun. There are no words, really. We all kept saying, "We need to do this every week!"
Afterwards we had a paleo cookout at the gym. Dave grilled us up some chicken breasts, and I had some spinach salad, some melon and paleo shrimp cocktail. Kinda missed having  a beer with everyone, as they are all on the Paleo Challenge, not Whole 30 and can...but oh well. The indian leg wrestling made up for it.

I don't think I've seen Dave have so much fun, ever. Seriously, the dude was giddy out there.

Morning: Went directly to Crossfit, without even coffee. Gah! Did Grace and then ran a mile. (30 clean and jerks, RX was 95#, I did 65# in 4:34) Afterwards, Holden, my mom and I ran down to the Farmer's Market in Vero and then hit Fresh Market and Publix. I ate an apple at Publix.

Lunch: After all the shopping I didn't have it in me to cook anything fancy and I wasn't feeling salad. So breakfast for lunch! Two scrambled eggs and a chicken-apple sausage.

Snack - Picked on a wee bit of honeydew, pineapple, bacon and prosciutto. Guess what I was making for the evening's event?

Dinner - Attended a Sweet Potato Queen party at my friend's house. She was kind enough to make a Pork Loin in the crockpot that I could actually eat. Aside from the bacon/prosciutto wrapped melon/pineapple I brought, it was the ONLY things I could eat. I also had an avocado when I got home.

I am Patti, Queen of the Amazons. No, really that's my Sweet Potato Queen name.

Breakfast - Bacon, eggs, banana and coffee. The previous day's search for a crumble-type sausage that was sugar-free was not fruitful. Really bummed about that.

Lunch: A salad with chicken, cucumbers, pine nuts, mushroom, onions, oil and vinegar and half an avocado. Some honey dew on the side. Super Yummy. 

Exercise: Ran 3 miles with Dave, Holden biked alongside.

Dinner: Steak (I forget what kind of cut it was, my bad) and roasted brussel sprouts. We were both jonesing for a little something more afterwards so I made a smoothie of one cup of strawberries, one banana and 1/2 cup coconut milk and split it between the two of us. Mega-yum! But do you see what I mean about too much fruit? Part of me thinks it's ridiculous to worry about eating too much fruit. But then again part of me would have thought it ridiculous at one time to think whole-grains could be bad for you too. So there's that.

I also spent a good part of the day cooking for the week ahead. A broccoli and mushroom breakfast casserole and Paleo Chicken Burritos for lunch. I'll let you know about that one tomorrow, trying the first one today.

In closing, (holy crap, this was a long post) you want a better look at the Sweet Potato Queen outfit don't you?

You're welcome.

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