Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I'm the most awesome-est Mom EVAR!

If I do say so myself.

Exhibit A: Holden normally has to wear a uniform to school (khakis or navy pants with a polo). A paper got sent home the other day notifying us that Spring pictures are today, and that the kids were allowed to wear regular clothes to school. This is what he ended up wearing:

A little bummed he left his white keds at Grandma's, but oh well.

I even cleared it with his teacher, so kudos to her for playing along. What I really love about him wearing his Doctor cosplay to school is the fact that he knows that no one knows who he is, but he does it anyway. I really dig that so far anyways, he has no problem being true to himself.

Exhibit B: Our Blue & Gold banquet is a couple of weeks away so our Webelos don't have much to do besides review some of the requirements and practice their ceremony and skits for the event. None of which is all that exciting for them. I've been seeing the "Harlem Shake" videos on Reddit lately, and thought the kids might get a kick out of making our own. Here is the result.

Day 24!!!! The end is in sight! Keep in mind that once we are done with the Whole30 we are still only half-way through the Paleo-Challenge at our Crossfit. However, there are several things (dark chocolate, paleo-hacks) that are considered cheats in the Whole30 that are allowed in the Paleo Challenge. We can't wait. I corresponded with White Lion Baking Company via Facebook to find out when I should put an order in with them so my cookies and magic bars will be here for the day after the Whole30 ends. Sad? Maybe. But better than planning on going hog-wild with non-paleo treats come this time next week. Amiright?

What I ate:
Breakfast: The usual; bacon, eggs, banana, coffee
Lunch: Left-over chili. And yes, I once again blew up like a balloon. Duly noted. The raspberries were amazing.
Pre-workout Snack - Almonds. I wish I could quit you almonds, but you really do seem to fuel my workouts well.
WOD - Helen: 3 rounds of 400 m run, 21 kettlebell swings (Rxed the 35#) and 12 pull-ups (green band) Did it in 12:50.
Post-workout Snack - I really shouldn't have, but I had a couple of spoons of almond butter before the scout meeting since I wouldn't be able to eat dinner until 9:00. The almond butter may get kicked out of the house again. It's dangerously close to being in the "food without brakes" category for me.
Dinner - Threw a whole chicken in the crockpot in AM, so had a chicken breast along with mashed rutabagas and sauteed spinach. I put a bit of coconut butter on the veggies and they were to die for!
Afterwards had a small banana with almond butter and shredded coconut. 

Not pretty, but really tasty.

In these final days, I am not weighing myself...nor journaling specifics of what I am eating. And there is almond AND sun butter in the house. I predict the scale will be ugly come next Tuesday. However, on a positive note, my energy levels are closer to normal today. 

So at least I have that going for me.

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  1. I saw your pintrest icons...I thought to myself...someone's getting I have an awesome recipe for quinoa pizza bites on my pintrest...made them tonight...gonna be a look foward to treat at work this week. I hear ya with the almond butter...danger Will Robinson!
    Any your kiddo looked cool!