Monday, February 4, 2013

Friends who get dirty together, stay together.

The Warrior Dash was good fun, as expected.

Seemingly half the box showed up, which was AWESOME.

And even more awesome was the fact that Women in the Wind - Space Coast Chapter President and one of my favorite human beings on the planet, Liza showed up too!

I'm telling everyone on FB that I carried her across the whole course this way. 
Crossfit! Raaaar!

The only obstacle that gave me any pause at all was this one:

But even it was not bad at all.

It was more mental than anything else. You had to pick and choose your foot/hand holds a bit, but it was totally do-able. Though I do have to admit to there being a bit of a disconnect still, between what my body can do and what I think it can do. Once or twice I thought I had found myself in a position wherein I might have hard time getting up and over, but each time I stopped, thought about, then gave an ooomph and away I went. No problemo. Which is very cool.

I double-checked and the Turkey Legs at the WD were Whole30 compliant. Thank Gaaaawd. It was bad enough we couldn't have a post-race beer, but to not even be able to eat anything would have really sucked.

PALEO! Fuck-yeah!

I'm happy to report that we survived, nay ENJOYED a great evening at River Ranch with Liza and Carlos and all our Crossfit peeps without any alcohol. Shocking, huh? And waking up in a hotel room (it being just the two of us) and not wisp of a headache or anything? Weird. Great. But weird. 

I'm not going to do a detailed breakdown of our food Friday-Sunday because we grazed a lot over the weekend and I can't remember specifics. I know I ate too much fruit and too many almonds (in accordance to my weight-loss goals). However, we were Whole 30 compliant. All things considered, I'm not going to beat myself over it. I packed a metric shit-ton of food for the weekend so we would have no excuse to go off-plan, (pineapples, strawberries, blackberries, almonds, bananas, kale chips, etc) but as a result we did nosh quite a bit more than we would at home, especially around the campfire. But seriously, we didn't drink and "gorged" on fruit and nuts while everyone around us was drinking beer and eating cookies. Please excuse me while I throw my shoulder out patting myself on the back.

Regarding meals, I will say that I much more successfully made the Caribbean Plantain and Meat Casserole Friday night. Turns out when she says to make sure the plantains you use are black she means it. Not plantains with some black on them, I mean to-ta-lee haven't-these-gone-bad black. As it stands if you actually follow the directions they are A-wait for it-MAZING. Seriously. As in this-can't-possibly-be-Whole30-hell-even-Primal-Blueprint-allowed. But it is my little chickadees, it IS!

Which brings us to.....drum roll please...

Day 15!!!!!!!!

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