Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I haven't been real inspired to write lately. Strike that...I do sometimes think of something I'd like to post, but by the time I have the time to actually DO it, the inspiration has flitted away, far out of my tiny, puny brain. 

I've continued to journal my food via the WW app on my iPhone up until a few days ago, but more on that later. Since we aren't doing either of the nocturnal Adventure Races, I let myself get roped into planning for a Sprint Triathlon in Clermont, FL. The distances are: 1/4 mile swim, 10 mile bike, and 5K run. I did this event about 13 or 14 years ago, right after the first time I got real fat and then lost a bunch of weight. Unfortunately that time (aaaaand another time) I got at or near goal and I did the old "Ok, I'm done dieting now!" which of course resulted in me being that goal weight for...oh, I don't know... a day, maybe? 

But I digress...the Tri is this Saturday. I followed a training program for the first 3 or 4 weeks, and then modified it for the last 4 weeks to accommodate the Cross Fit Dave and I have been doing three times a week. In short, I'm ready. I'll be back of the pack fo' sho'. But I'm fairly confident that if I am last the one to finish it won't be so late that everyone else will have packed up and gone home. 

The Tri training and Crossfit have been great, I've definitely seen improvement in terms of muscle gain, and I've reached new personal bests at a 5K on the 4th of July AND I came in 3rd female at a Run-Yak on Saturday. A Run-What-Now? The Run-Yak was a 2.5K run, 3K paddle, 2.5K run and super fun! I wish I knew what my splits were because I am pretty confident that I hit another personal best 5K time on that one, but I only have my total time. Oh well.

All that said, I haven't really lost any actual poundage in the past couple months. I've gotten as low as 180 once....ONCE. But for weeks now I've been bouncing up and down around 182. I have my suspicions regarding eating too much on the weekends and then throwing myself into starvation mode during the week with all the Tri training and Crossfit. 

I've been a big believer in the Primal/Paleo methods of eating, so I finally downloaded the book and the cookbook and after the Tri, I'm going to make a real go of it. Realistically, I see myself doing a modified version long-term, but to try to reset my "set point" I'm going to try to be pretty strict for a couple of weeks with it and also INCREASE my calories from 1500-1600 per day during the week to 2000. I really think the move to finally eliminate the startchy and processed carbs and upping the calories a bit will do the trick.

I have no plans to do another Tri, but the Adventure Races start back up again in September. We both can't wait. We really miss them. We also both want to continue with the Crossfit. Aaaand, we've got some more Obstacle Races coming up in the fall too.

I guess there is no getting around the fact that fitness and fitness related events are our biggest hobby right now. How cool is that? My friends and family are probably sick of hearing me say, "I never thought a year and a half ago I would be....." But it's true. I'm still amazed everyday with how much I have changed my eating habits, my health and my body.

The bulk of the weight-loss is done. Experience has taught me that now is the most dangerous time. Which is why I am so very glad we've made healthy eating and fitness a part of our lifestyle as a family. And why I want to continue to grow and learn regarding nutrition. Therefore, hopefully, I'll be posting here more often as I journey more deeply into the Primal lifestyle and continue down this road of health and wellness.

Stay tuned.

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