Monday, August 27, 2012

Getting my Primal on. Oh, and Shingles. I have the Shingles.

Seriously? Who even gets that? Me, evidently.
It's a mild case though and they've got me pumped full of Valtrex (No, it's not HERPES-Herpes) and Prednisone and a little Tramadol for fun.
The worst part is that I was closing in on two weeks eating according to the Primal Blueprint and had dropped a few pounds. I finally broke through that plateau I've been camped out on all summer. I saw the south end of 180 for the first time in over a decade and then a few days on the Prednisone and BOOM back to 181. Fingers crossed it's just water retention and will go away quickly when I finish with the Prednisone tomorrow.

So what's the Primal Blueprint diet/lifestyle/WHATever like? I thought you'd never ask. In short, if I had tried it when I first started trying to get to my act together I would not have done well on it. It would have been far too drastic a change, forgoing all grains, sugars, etc. It's all about just veggies, fruits and meat when you're Primal. However, over the last year I have been eating less and less processed foods as well as less rice and potatoes and certainly way less breads and other grains. And it goes without saying that the processed sugary stuff has been on the No-Go list for quite some time. So, that said...moving to a more strict Primal Diet really hasn't been that much of a transition.And there are some really great aspects to it. Did I mention it's ok to put butter on your veggies??!! I know, right??!! Turns out good fats and good carbs and/or protein together = a good thing. Fats of any kind and bad carbs = Fattty Fat McFatterpants.

And the best part? Dark fucking Chocolate! Fine, it's supposed to be an occasional indulgence, not an every day food, but hey at least it's on the "legal" list.

A part of me wishes I had learned about this sooner. 'Cause honestly you guys, the more I read about the science behind it the more I think "Duh! Of course! Why isn't this common knowledge??!!"  Then again, the benefit of not being an early adopter is the fact that you let everyone else figure out the ins and outs first. Since I'm just getting on the Paelo/Primal wagon now, there is already a metric crap-ton of awesome blogs and sites with all kinds of recipes for you-name-it. The go to if you want to learn more about the Primal Lifestyle is Mark Sisson's site. But my current fav for recipes and general snark is this one that my Crossfit Trainers, Jeramy & Larry, turned me on to. Great stuff.

This is Julie from Isn't she amazeballs? I want to be able to do what she                                              does and look like that. And the cool part is....I feel like it may actually be somewhat attainable.

Oh and did I mention in the previous post or two how the Crossfit and the Paleo/Primal stuff is all mixed together? Yeah, there's that. Which is cool. Even though I am starting to get a bit of a "one of of us" vibe.

Pardon me now, while I go try to figure out how we're going to get our Crossfit workout in tonight despite Tropical Storm Isaac's never ending rain-bands.

Resistance is futile. We will assimilate.

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