Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Perfect Morning

A horsey ride and a trip to Target. Does it get any better?

I hate to sound so much like a damn Pinterest-Ecard-thing, but it's true. By the way, where are these things coming from? Honestly, I'm getting concerned there is a group of mid-level, female, Saturday Night Live writers from the 90s locked up in some basement somewhere subsisting only on red wine, chocolate and snark, churning these things out for some dark force trying to divert attention away from better pieces of comedy on the interwebs and keeping the American attention span as short as humanly possible.

But I digress.

When you're a horse, all the world is a buffet.

I haven't ridden Mercedes in months. We don't ride often in the summer anyways, but a couple of months ago it seemed as if  her age was catching up with her. She had some swelling and lameness and long story short (shocking, I know) it appears that it has been arrested and we seem to be all systems go once again.

There are few things in life more wonderful than a fast, but collected Running Walk down a country lane on a beautiful morning on a horse you love. You non-horse-people will just have to trust me on this one. Add to this the fact that a few weeks ago, I wasn't sure I'd ever get to ride her again...well, that's just the 74% Dark Chocolate Icing on the Almond Flour Cupcake, my friends.

And then I ran by Target to pick up just a couple things I needed.

HA! You ok? I'm sure you fell off your chair laughing at that one. I NEEDED to pick up some eye make-up remover, a greeting card and some sort of present for a retirement party tomorrow. Total should not have been more $35. 

What I actually bought:
Dryer Sheets (That's kind of a need, no?)
Another pair of workout shorts. (They weren't on sale, but they are just like my most favorite weekend/lounging shorts in the world, and I haven't seen ones like it in forever, but they're in a different color  and you just know the original ones will meet some kind of untimely demise sooner rather than later and...yeah)
A cute see-through knit top (I got nothing.)
Pistachios (I'm down to maybe 4 servings at home...and I lurve those Archer Farms jars the nuts come in)
Lara Bars (It's all part of the Primal experiment. I'm doing this for you-people!)
Digital Food Scale (My old one is analog. Need I say more?)
Make-up Brush/Oil Blotting Tissues (Oh, right..and you expect me to believe you walk by that ELF make-up section without putting anything in your cart?)
Some kind of Berry Sparkling Water crap
Diet Coke (So sue me. I'm gettin' there.)
Greeting Card/Gift bag/Compass/First Aid Kit as the retirement gift. (The retiree is supposed to be doing more camping and traveling. Get it? I'm such a card.)

So, yeah $141.43 total. I may have a problem. 

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