Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I'm normal! No, really! I have proof!

Too many of life's precious moments have flitted away over the past week while sitting around with this as my view.

It's a shame you really can't make out the lovely pink and green pedicure I gave myself over the weekend. You can however, see how freakishly long my feet are.

Not to worry though, this was just my annual Thyroid check-up. As the title of this post implies, my thyroid levels are all normal. Which is great and means no changes needed to my Synthroid. Even better, the thyroid is behaving itself and not growing any grapefruit-sized tumors like it did 4 years when I had to half of it removed. So at least I got that going for me.

A lot of people like to blame Hypothyroidism for weight-gain and/or difficulty in losing weight, while research has shown that it only causes weight gain in a VERY small number of folks. But and this is a big but (HA! You see what I did there?) it can result in a lack of energy in a lot of it's sufferers. The bottom line is if you are low on energy you aren't going to feel like being active, or taking the time to prepare and plan meals, etc. On top of that, I am finding that so much of the crap in the Standard American Diet (or SAD as Mark Sisson of the Primal Blueprint calls it) and even some food we think of as healthy (I'm looking at you soy) are really wreaking havoc on our Thyroids. So more and more of us will be suffering from it.

I only found out that I had a kind of Hypothyroidism when a Doc I went to for a head cold noticed I had a huge tumor in my neck. Yeah, kind of another reason to not be overweight....when you're so heavy you don't notice a grapefruit growing out of the side of your neck, it's time to lose weight. Anygoiter, once all was said and done, and we got my levels evened out my husband and I could not believe the difference in my energy level. Oh wait, you mean you're not supposed to just crash onto the couch for hours after work every night? Huh. Who knew?

So all that said, as much as I think in some ways blaming a bum Thyroid is a cop-out for not eating right and being active, an untreated one can be. So get your blood checked, and if you need it, take you meds!

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