Thursday, May 24, 2012

I Said No To A Cupcake Today

There were donuts at work yesterday. I had to walk by them twice. I did not even lift the top of the box to see what kind they were. I just kept on walking. That's not the first time I've done that this year, but it's still special.

Today one of the IT guys brought in huge chocolate-with-cream-cheese-icing cupcakes. He was practically shoving them down my throat and I kept trying to say no. But I was wavering. When I asked what the little drawings on the cupcakes were (they looked like either light bulbs or hot air balloons) he explained that they were supposed to be jars or vials or something. He had ordered them for the Diablo 3 party that his brother was supposed to have, but canceled. So the cupcakes had been in the freezer at the bakery for the past week at least. Until he picked them up and brought them to work.

I am not going to waste good points on bad cupcakes. I have my standards, dang it.

Sure enough, one of my work-friends IMed just a little after this exchange saying they were stale and gross.


There is place in my diet for cupcakes and cookies and birthday cake. That's the beauty of Weight Watchers or any other calorie counting, non-restrictive plan. But not everyday.  And I only spend my points on the goodies if they are in fact, good.

That's a funny thing about making the lifestyle change to healthier eating. Your taste buds really do adjust. Simpler, less high fat/high calorie foods really do start to taste a bit better. The big pay-off, besides the obvious health/fitness, is that when you do have a treat it tastes so much better than it did in the past. Because it's just that, a treat. Not just a part of your everyday. 

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