Monday, January 30, 2012

Resolution Adventure Race

Since we did so well first time out of the gate, we may have entered this race a little over confident. Well, not so much me, but I think Dave expected us to clear the course, or come real close at least. I, on the other hand, had a sinking suspicion that we may have just gotten lucky and that the Lighterknot just happened to play to all our strengths (navigation and...ok that's pretty much it) and not to our weaknesses. Sure enough the Resolution, held at Lake Louisa State Park was a different kind of race.

 The bike part, in our opinion, was much more challenging. It became evident from the start of our bike training that Dave appeared to be much more naturally adept than I, particularly in any kind of sand. I've been moaning about the fact that he having a Trek (a "real" mountain bike) vs. my $60 walmart special had something to do with our differences in ability. Regardless, when we were still missing 3 or 4 control points on the bike portion and I, much like our team name, was out of steam, his bike chain broke. So we had to walk through the sugar sand, which is what we'd be doing ANYWAY at that point as I was pooped. Once we got to the paved road though, he held onto my camelback and I towed him all the way in. As a result, we ended up with only 11 out of 14 control points and 7 minutes late, resulting in another lost point. End result being 35th out of 44 teams. We both tried to laugh it off as much as possible, but I know Dave was a bit bummed.

Lessons were learned. We need to keep our bikes in better shape and have the tools we need. Dave needs to catch up to me in regards to jogging endurance. (I dare not call what I do "running") I need to catch up to him in regards to biking endurance.

The best part was that one of my very bestest buddies joined us as well. Her husband is a hardcore bicyclist, so I suggested they form their own team lest we hold them back. And thus the Lost Ricans were born.

They ended up placing 36th. Liza definitely wants to race again, but I got the impression that Carlos would rather stick to regular mountain biking and road racing. Afterwards we were all so hungry, not only did we eat the Publix subs the race provided, we went to Olive Garden as well. 

For those Weight Watcher types playing along at home, the activity points earned after an adventure race are just about equivalent to a full day's points. Score!

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