Tuesday, January 3, 2012

12/8/11 - I Predict I Shall Very Stupid, Very Soon

We have two IT guys at work. One is the stereotype of every IT guy you have ever seen mixed with a dash of Comic Book Guy. He was downright rude to me for years until he realized I was getting into Steampunk Cosplay and was interested in attending some Cons. Now he’s reeeeal nice. Which is cool. When you get past his arrogant shell, he’s a neat guy.
The other is the opposite. He’s a big dude (in a kinda hubba-hubba way…for an IT guy) Obviously a Techie, but also a man’s-man. Sports, music, etc. We’ve been working together for 15 years, so we do have a bit of a rapport. (He called me an asshole the other day. “But it’s ok, I’m an asshole too”)
That said, we started arguing yesterday about the potential for time-travel. He said he read something that proved it was impossible. I said, “Poppycock!” Actually, it was probably something more along the lines of “Nah-uh!”
“They proved that stuff moves at different speed, relative to stuff to other… stuff…or something. You can’t say it definitely can’t happen,” says I.
So I found an article that actually explained in a coherent way what I was trying to say (time dilation, for those playing along at home) and sent him the link followed by, “Suck it, Nerd.”
So he sent me a link for the article he was talking about, and then I bullshitted some more and he, bless his heart, let it go. And now I realize I need to do me some book learnin’.
Therefore, I have decided to once again try to read “A Brief History of Time.” I checked it out once before and never even opened it. I also picked up Neil deGrasse Tyson’s “The Pluto Files.”
To balances things out I am also bringing home the DVDs, “Love Actually” and “No Strings Attached.”
Wish me luck.

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