Tuesday, January 3, 2012

12/23/11 - Sleeping With Heavy, Smelly Things

Badger usually sleeps with my son, but he (my son, not the dog) was staying at my mom’s last night so I let Badger sleep with me.
1. He needs a bath and now so does my comforter.
2. It is amazing how much space a small dog can take up. I am quite sure that some manner of physics laws were broken last night.
3.  Unlike a self-respecting cat who will sleep on a corner of your bed, Badger insists upon trying to crawl into your skin while you sleep. Therefore, when I change positions I need to move him. Which is nearly impossible. I am sure this is normal for those of you with Shepards, Retrievers, etc…but this is a Boston Terrier. I am now fairly convinced that the dog is made of lead or that the forces of gravity work differently for him. 
I am afraid a wormhole may be developing in my bedroom.

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