Tuesday, September 4, 2012

This...This is the opposite of healthy.

(sigh) First the Shingles and now a cold. To be fair, I used to get colds every other month it seemed, but I haven't had once since last August. So I'm due, I guess. But I thought that going Primal was supposed to turn me into super-woman! Gah!

Ok, I know, not really. But it does seem a bit counter-productive that as soon as I try to kick it up to the next level health-wise I get sick. I was starting to get a bit bummed out about it. Naturally I started poking around the internets and now I'm kinda wondering if this is all related to the Carb Flu and/or toxins being released by the dying of extra yeast in my gut from eating too many carbs/sugars in the past. Seems plausible. Explains why I've been feeling tired in the afternoons as well. Most folks experience these things in the first 2-3 weeks, but anecdotal evidence via the forums seems to confirm that effects can be felt into the first 4-6 weeks into the lifestyle. At which point just about everyone swears you'll feel great. We'll see. I'm definitely not giving up on this as the Shingles and cold could just as easily be chalked up to coincidence/bad luck. I'm not eating that low of carbs (I shoot for 100g a day) and I'm taking a Multi-Vitamin now along with my fish oil so I really don't see how it is a deficiency of any kind.

Alright, enough with the most boring post ever....here is a picture of a tree frog I found in my barn.

All glory to hypnotoad!

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