Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Getting Dirty

Whelp, my cold turned into a sinus infection so I made like a 90s baseball player and roided up...and anti-biotic-ed...uh, up(?). Wasn't going to let it stop me from participating in the Dirty Foot Adventure Race on Saturday. It is held in beautiful East Bumblefuck, I mean Ft Meade, Florida. I'm not kidding about the beautiful part at all, though I think I may have heard banjo music. Then again someone from Fellsmere, Florida, home of the Frog Leg Festival, does not have much room to talk.
Pre-Race: Yup, that's me in just a sports bra. In public. I really had no farks to give that day. I'm going to blame it on the drugs.

Anymud, the Dirty Foot was a 10K Obstacle/Adventure Run. I've never done a Tough Mudder, but I have done a Warrior Dash. I can say for sure that the obstacles were much more challenging at the Dirty Foot than the WD. From talk around camp, they were more on par with the Tough Mudder. There were three I couldn't complete at all. Whatevs. I made like a Cub Scout and Did My Best. I surprised myself on a couple of them. This whole my-body-doing-stuff-I-ask-it-to-thing really never gets old.

Yes, I literally made this pose and grunted when I completed a particularly scary rope climb. It wouldn't be the only time that day Dave pretended not to know me.

We ended up finishing in the bottom first 1/3 of the pack, which I was really happy with...I cracked the whip and kept Dave chugging along and wouldn't let him lolly-gag between obstacles.
To finish you had to jump off of that dock and swim across the pond. It was REALLY freakin' high.

One of the most original obstacles was called Foot Fungus. You had to crawl under wire, on top of plastic that appeared to be covered with the end results of a hundred porn films and by that I don't mean sadness and lost dreams. We're going to go ahead and assume it was hair conditioner. Dear God, please let it have been hair conditioner.

Later that evening we went out to celebrate a friend's birthday. Let me say that cold medicine, a heavy workout, not a lot of food, and some Mich Ultras make Patti a pretty cheap date. It also made for one heck of a duet of "Tiny Dancer" in an IHop at 2:00am. (that would be the 2nd time that day Dave pretended he didn't know me.)

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  1. Oh hell. I will never look at hair conditioner the same way again!