Monday, September 17, 2012

Grok Feast

Inspired by Mark's Daily Apple, or more specifically; inspired by a contest to win a whole cow worth of meat from Mark's Daily Apple, my buddy Dani and I decided to rally the troops and put together our own Grok Feast.

We had it in my backyard. Also known at the St Sebastian River Preserve State Park. The Park rocks for many reasons, but one of them is the fact that they have hills. In South Florida! Can you believe it? They are there from digging out a ginormous canal. So we hiked and raced up them.

Wonder Woman ain't got nothing on us!

The Happy Hikers

And we tossed a ball at each other. Not so much with the catching, as it was a 10lb workout ball. The boys did some redneck sledding down the hill on a cooler top and rubbermaid box lid. Don't judge. We don't get snow. Ever. It's the best we can do.
We switched out to a lighter ball and played some kickball. Which was good fun. The grass was so long it made finding the bases particularly difficult, so some plays devolved into something reminiscent of Calvin-Ball.

And we ate. 

A lot.

I'll post details when the video and photo essay are done. But suffice it to say we ate Primally and we ate GOOD!

Oh, and Dave and I had an Adventure Race on Saturday, which rickety-rocked. I'll post a race report when I get the Team pics back. Stay tuned. Or don't. I'll still be here. Waiting to share my life with you. No pressure or anything.

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