Monday, March 11, 2013

Ninjas and Pirates and Lasers and Shit

Dave the Slave got his new rig. 

It only took 24 years, but he finally got a brand new suit and rig that he designed himself and was fitted specifically for him. I may have mentioned in a previous post, that in his high school days and very early twenties, skydiving was huge part of his life and his passion. (alongside flying) But adulthood, responsibilities, a lack of money, and then a lack of time resulted in him not being a part of that world for the past 18 years.

Not anymore.

He's been jumping again for the past 6 months or so, but Holden and I had to go see him jump again on Friday. Note to skydivers: if you have your loved ones come out to see you, please make sure that you can accurately describe your canopy. Dave did not. It was a near sunset jump, so we were actually able to see them in freefall. And then the chutes started to open...and none of them accurately fit his description. Of course the rational part of my brain knew he must have just described it wrong. But the asshole part of my brain was wondering if I just watched my husband jump out of a plane with a chute that didn't open. Yeah. Dave was very helpful in reminding me later that the he has a doo-hickey in his rig that will open the chute below a certain altitude, and though he may still crash and burn, I would have seen something open, even if it didn't open all the way and he still plunged to his death. 

Thanks, honey.

All kidding aside, I really don't worry about him when he is jumping. But at the same time I realize that I don't particularly care to watch. Call it out of sight out of mind, but it's how I cope with worry-brain. 

Anyways, so much awesomeness coming up you guys! Megacon is in four days!!! I love, love, love that it gets to be such an awesome combo of family geek time (Friday Doctor Who Family Cosplay FTW) and getting our freak on (Cyber-punk Time...once the kid goes to grandma's for the rest of the weekend. Woot!) THEN another Adventure Race the following weekend (crap, I still haven't done a race report from the last one. Suck, I do.) In April, I've got a Horseback Poker Ride to put on at the State Park, the Festivus Crossfit Games, Dave and I are taking a motorcycle trip to North GA, AND my bestie Kelly is coming for a visit. Holy shitsnacks my life rocks!

Regarding the upcoming bike trip, I have not been riding enough. So Dave gave me a pass to disappear yesterday and put on some miles. Which I did. All around awesome person, Liza, joined me for a Hooligan-ish ride around the state yesterday. 

We know why dogs hang their heads out of car windows.

It was a long day, but a great one. Here's a link to the route to our destination, Peck's Restaurant at the end of Ozello Trail. Some folks refer to that road as The Tail of the Grouper. If you've heard of the Tail of the Dragon, you'll get it. We may have gotten a little ambitious in our goals for the day. Here's out route home.  So that's 430 miles for a pastry (Yeah, you read that right. 5 points for me!) at the Yalaha Bakery and shrimp and scallops on the west coast. Totally worth it. 

It never occured to me till just now, but our bikes parked next to each other look an awful lot like when we stand next to each other. Even my bike is an Amazon.

Oh and one more thing!!! The Paleo Challenge is FINISHED on the 16th! YAY! I'm glad we participated in it, and the Whole30. I love that I have broken my addiction to Diet Coke and really gotten a handle on my sweets cravings too. But I am really, really ready to take what I have learned and personalize it a bit. But I've gone on enough for one day so we'll save the introspection and plans for another post.

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