Monday, March 18, 2013

Megacon 2013 - Highlights

I had a great time with Holden doing our family cosplay on Friday, and an equally fun but in a grown-up-sort-of-way with Dave and friends the rest of the weekend. But let's just cut to the case.

This totally happened.

In the immortal words of Capt Jack Harkness,
 "I can't even tell you what I'm thinking right now."

No, that's not John Barrowman of course. Just another Capt Jack cosplayer that looked so much like him, and just freakin' exuded the Jack aura. I'm not kidding you people, he was sitting very close to me during the Ben Spivey concert and  it was like I couldn't concentrate. I just wanted to stare at him....and stuff.

When we took the pic (everyone wanted a pic with him) the girl taking it was fiddling with the camera and said something like, "hold on, give me a minute" and then the Jack-I'm-not-married-to pulled me even closer and said something like, "Take all the time you need, we're just fine." Or something...I can't be sure. I think all of the blood in my brain was rushing to my...something else and everything went foggy for a bit. (kinda like the damn pic)


Anyswoon, he told us that he actually met Barrowman last year and if I get his drift, he was implying  that Barrowman flirted with him. Are you following that? John Barrowman, who plays Capt Jack Harkness the sexiest "opportunist" in the past, present or future of television was flirting with his own cosplayer. That might literally be the hottest thing I have ever heard. And if you think I'm weird for thinking that, I don't care. 

Mind blown.

During the concert they had an informal costume contest. Jack-I'm-Not-Married-To told Jack-I-Am-Married-To to grab his coat and go up there with them. There was one other Jack, another young guy, who I certainly  would not kick out the Tardis,  but couldn't hold a candle to the other two. They had a bit of a Jack-Off (nope, not even gonna) and Jack-I'm-Married-To actually won their round! The coat was definitely worth the investment. Several people, not including me, ok maybe me too, were yelling "Now kiss!" but none of them did. They should have a bar at this event next time.

It bears repeating.

Ya know, I think we'll let this post stand on it's own and not mix it up with the family cosplay pics. Momma needs to keep these images/thoughts separate. 


  1. I didn't know how to message you on, but I took several photos of you with my little brother who was dressed up as ten.

    What's your email? I can send them to you.

    1. Also that Jack in the suspenders was a total fox. I thought I was going to faint just looking at him.

  2. Wasn't he though? I was trying to explain the level of hotness we're talking about here to a co-worker and I was all, "You don't understand he wasn't *just* good looking, it was as if he *was* Jack, and if you knew who Jack was you'd understand there is no....oh nevermind." lol

    Awesome on the pics!!! Thanks so much! My email is