Monday, March 4, 2013

Let's play dress-up

Despite an Adventure Race on Saturday, (story/post when I get pics) we actually got a bunch of cosplay work done this weekend. As of this moment I think i have let Dave convince me to do the Cyberpunk just at the parties Friday and Saturday night. Partly because I think he wants to get as much mileage out of Capt Jack as possible, but also that he feels a little less confident in his Cyberpunk costume. But c'mon, doesn't he look good?

Our son asked if he was wearing a chest plate underneath the Underarmour Shirt. Yay Crossfit!

Regarding our Doctor Who cosplay, here is a pic of the "looks" we're all going for, for reference. This is from the Stolen Earth episodes.
I'm Rose (purple jacket), Holden is the Doctor (brown suit, center) and Dave is Capt Jack (on his knees...where we like him)

He has some buttons to sew for Capt Jack, but it's essentially completed. He hasn't decided whether or not he's going to bother with the Vortex manipulator or gun, since they'll be out of view, unless he chooses to pose with them. 

The big deal is that he shaved off his goatee yesterday!!!!!! I know, right? I'm pretty sure Holden has never actually seen him without some form of facial hair. I'm not gonna lie, I prefer him with some...but I dig it. And I fully support the commitment to the character. Though my first impression post-shave was that I felt like I was kissing a girl. 

I'm not sure who that says more about.

Without further adieu, Capt Jack:
What you just heard was the sound of Fan Girl panties dropping all across the interwebs.

I can't say I'm real excited about cosplaying Rose. I kinda feel like I am Holden and Dave's accessory. But I suppose it can't always be about me. That said, I'm pretty happy with it. Obviously we are not the kind of cosplayers that get hung up on perfection. (No, really?) But aside from the neckline and carving the gun out of block, (instead of painting a nerf gun and adding the silver bits as we did) I don't see how it could be much better.

Don't let it be said I haven't made hair sacrifices either.
 I can't wait to dye and cut my hair post-Megacon.

I've also figured out our Steampunk Sunday cosplay. No more Steampunk Bride and Groom as my wedding dress is too big now. #fitpeopleproblems

As it turns out, there are pitifully few #fitpeopleproblems memes. What do you suppose that says about the internet? Uh...yeah. Moving on....

I am using the the petticoat from my wedding dress as the base for this year's steampunk cosplay. I really dig that I made a whole new creation this year only using stuff already in my closet and jewelery collection. Dave's is pretty much the same as one he's done before. I like to call it Colonial Steampunk 

This is from 2011. I'll not comment further, other than to say, how cute was Holden? What you can't see is his Rockeeter-type Jet Pack on his back.

Anyfatties...we're all getting excited. Our cosplay is no where near impressive as lots of others out there. However, the past two years we have always felt incredibly welcomed and our efforts appreciated. And with all the picture taking, etc it is awful fun to play rock star for the day.

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