Monday, April 15, 2013

Happy Monday! (No, really)

My two weeks of spending far too much time on r/LadybonersGW and playing with my make-up/hair is coming to a close.
Co-worker: Why is your hair blue? 
Me: Why not?

Because Dave is coming home tonight! I realize the last several posts have been heavy on the Horn-Dog so I'll try to keep it in my pants for this one. There really is no good female equivalent for that cliche'.

 Though it does remind me of this:
But needless to say we are looking forward to uh...
seeing each other tonight. 'Nuff said.


In other news, I went to see a rockabilly band called the Sweet Chariots with some friends at the Kilted Mermaid Friday night. As usual, it was a rather hipster experience, but I'd  be lying if I said I didn't have a great time. The place has really good food and an amazing beer selection. They even have at least five different hard ciders and one of them is on tap! I know, right? I really do need to embrace my inner hipster and stop fighting it. 

The band was great. In fact, my only beef with the Kilted Mermaid is the fact that there is no room to dance. Don't get me wrong, we still danced. I don't ever NOT dance. But we were forced to do so in a way that really invaded my personal space and that of those around me. Just as well though, because I was really missing my numero uno dance partner, and had he been there it would have killed us not to be able dance to that music the way you're supposed. Ie: swing, as opposed to the white-boy-two-step everyone was doing, and I don't mean the cool Two-Step.

The eye-candy was good as well, particularly the band...especially in my company's opinion. They are both so shy and entirely too well-behaved so I decided to throw them under the bus. When my friend Dave was talking to the lead singer, I butted in and asked him to take a pic with them. And ordered him to stand in the middle, when he tried to stand off to the side. He seemed afraid. That was probably a legitimate and rational emotion given the circumstance.

This is not a flattering pic of any of us. But it's funny, so here ya go interwebs.

Incidentally, Dani turned into a giant that night.
What sorcery is this?

The rest of the weekend was quality time with Holden and preparations for our trip to the Run with the Wolf Rally this coming weekend in Suches, GA. The RWTW is an annual rally put on by the Kawasaki Concours Owner's Group. That's the kind of bike I own, for those new to the show. I'm really looking forward to ridin' it like I stole it and partying with the boys around the campfire. There should be around 100 people, so not a massive rally, but a pretty good group for a regional owner's-group get together. 

          While we are in the area we may run up to the Dragon so I can get a sticker for the new bike.  
See my old BMW in front of the orange and white thing? Awwww, old Blue.

It seems cliche' as there are so many other roads just as good and better than the Dragon, but it's such a thing. I've ridden every bike I've owned (plus a loaner) on it, so I feel like I just have to ride it on the Connie. We'll see where the roads take us. Plus, it's really fun to hang around and just watch the show. And did I mention all the hottie sport bike riders in their leather one-pieces?

It really does always come back around to that doesn't it? I'm sorry.
No, I'm not.

Anycougar, I'll be late with next week's post as we'll not be getting back until Monday. And then priority number one, writing-wise, is putting together the Rally Report for the COG's quarterly magazine. Supposedly there's to be at least a handful of us women-folk riding our own at the Rally. More than one or two is cause for celebration apparently, so I have been assigned to report from the CVOG (Concours and Vagina Owner's Group) perspective.

Till next time I shall do my best to keep the shiny side up. You do the same.

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