Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Treasure Coast Adventure Race

Don't you just love it when you're right? Remember me mentioning how much stronger Dave is than I at mountain biking? And yeah sure, I also mentioned that we both thought that maybe the differences in our bikes had a little something to do with the disparity in our fitness levels. Well, it turns it had ALL to do with the bikes! He wasn't happy about it, but we traded bikes for last weekend's AR and lookie here! Who's having to stop and wait for who now?
Get this! Turns out when you ride a bike that DOESN'T suck off-road, mountain biking can actually be kinda fun! Who knew?
Needless to say our total time did not improve much on the bike since now he was stuck with the bike-from-hell. However, I am so jazzed to know that with a better bike we are going to be going a LOT faster on that leg.

So how did the Out of Steam Punks do this go around?

He claimed on FB that if he had remembered his spurs we'd have placed even higher.
My husband is a funny man.

8th place out of 28 teams, baby!!!! We ended up getting all of the Control Points, but we were 8 minutes late coming back from the canoe. Considering how slow we really are, the potential for improvement is great. Which makes us both very happy. We race smart, not fast, you see. So once we get fast too, watch out top 5! We're coming for you! 

I seem to acquire battle scars with each event. At the Lighterknot I fell off the bike unsuccessfully hopping off a bridge. I ended up with all kinds of interesting bruises from the obstacles at the Warrior Dash. At this one, during the Trek, I found the one root on the sandy trail and well as scraped the hell out of my leg (Thorny Vine-1, Me-0) while rushing away from a Control Point. 

Bruises and scars are cool.

No more Adventure Races until March 3rd, but going to do a 5K this Saturday. And with the exception of Megacon 2/24-2/26 we'll be doing a lot of outdoorsy things on the weekends till then. Now to cruise Craigslist and find a new bike so that I can whip Dave's bu...I mean, work better cooperatively with my teammate.

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