Monday, January 10, 2011

Wherein we find our heroine.....

5 days post gallbladder removal surgery. 1 month past the worst back pain "episode" of her life. At least 70 lbs overweight (and that's being kind) and pretty freaking sick of feeling like her mother sounds.

Yes, I have one of those. If you have a cold, she has the flu. If you have a breakout, she has leprosy. She means it as a way of sympathizing...however, it's annoying. But I digress. (I'll be doing a lot of that.)

Back in the fall, I had deemed 2011 to be the year of "less obligations." I am coming off almost 3 years of being the President of both the local chapter of a national women's motorcycle club and the President of the support organization for my local State Park. This school year we have become Den Leaders for our son's Cub Scout Den. I've resigned from being a Board member of the motorcycle riding club and am trying to delegate more in regards to the State Park. The goal being to spend more time concentrating on the Cub Scout stuff and enjoying myself/my family/my friends more. In other words, more FUN, less work. Well, less of the work I don't get paid for anyway.

That said, in the past two months I've been weathering a shit-storm of health issues. Nothing life threatening, but just a lifetime of not getting enough exercise and  too much bad food catching up with me. I've since gotten my back straightened out and vow to keep that up with the Chiro. I've already mentioned the removal of the "more mineral, than animal" gallbladder. (Stupid little fucker) Which brings us to today.

Where I have now declared this to also be the year of "getting healthy." What? It's my freakin year I can give it as many cliche'd names as I want.

Since I can't ever do anything like everyone else does...(I'm special that way) I decided that I needed to find some sort of fitness goal to work towards. 5Ks don't appeal to me as they are too short to be considered an accomplishment unless you're really trying to win...which I know I'll never be able to do. I suuuuuuckity suck suck at running. So I thought...what about walking a 1/2 marathon? Sure enough, all of the walking 1/2 marathons anywhere within 5 hours is either too soon or not until the Fall. Fark! So down the rabbit hole I fell until I stumbled onto the Pangea Adventure Racing website.

And there you have it. On April 30th, 2011 Dave and I are doing the Missing River Adventure Race. I'll post more details in the future.

Till then, here is where we shall begin....250-some pounds. Too sore post surgery to jog at all yet, but probably only capable of 1/4-1/2 mile or so. And looking like this:


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