Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Milo & Otis, Redneck Addition

So yesterday was my last day off work due to the GB surgery.  I felt great.
However, my spidey-sense told me it would still be in my best interest not to ride the motorcycle or the horse quite yet. I wasn't so bored that I would want to clean the house or anything so I figured why not go for a hike. With the AR in mind I feel more inclined now to hike, not walk....ya know on the woods....not the boring dirt roads or park tracks.
So I leashed up Badger hopped the ditch and decided to hike in the State Park. Joey, the cat, decided to join us. It is not unusual for him to start out on walks down the road with us, but he always turns back by the corner.
Not so today. He marched through the woods and all the way back to the house with us the whole way. A good 2 mile trek, at least.
The first 1/4-1/2 mile was great and looked like this:
After that he lagged behind and meowed at us the whole way. It was the feline equivalent of, "C'mon guys! Slooooooow dooooown!", "Waaaait up!", and  "Are we there yet?" About 2/10 of a mile from the house he gave up and flopped on the ground and I had to pick him up and carry him most of the way home. Until he decided he had suffered enough of these indignities, scratched and bit me and marched the rest of the way home.

We also saw some interesting poop on the trail. You know your friends have interesting jobs/lives when you can text them a picture of poop and they do not think it is odd. I'll spare you the poop picture. We think it was bobcat, possibly coyote.

After school, Holden and I went to the SW part of the Park and went on another mile hike. Which could have been longer had we not run into a lonely and chatty, albeit harmless, old hiker and ran out of day light.

And then I made grab-random-crap-out-of the-pantry/fridge-and-cook-it-pasta for dinner. It was surprisingly good.

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