Friday, December 21, 2012

Merry December!

Been a bit wrapped up in the routine the past couple of weeks and haven't been real inspired to write. However, I don't want to lose the habit completely. So here's a complete cop-out of a wrap-up full of blurry pictures, completely devoid of wit or meaningful thoughts.

I've been suffering from a bit of the old Mommy guilt this month. No. That's not really a fair way to describe it...not guilt, more just that realization that he (Choo Choo! All aboard the cliche train!) He's growing up so damn fast. That our years of whimsical Christmas' are dwindling. So I've been trying to make us make more of the Holiday this year.

We went to ICE at Gaylord-Palms (heh heh, Gaylord) in Orlando a couple of weeks ago. It's an Ice Sculpture Display/Tourist Trap. Worth seeing at least once, I'd say. They do provide coats, but be prepared as it is literally 9 degrees Fahrenheit in there. Dave laughed at all my preparations, but he was glad for it when we were in there.

Yes, he thought it looked like Marty was dancing Gangham Style. That song is the bane to my existence.
 It just occurred to me that Bane is the bane to Batman's existence.
 Whoa. Mind. Blown.

To be honest, we had as much fun wandering around the Hotel as we did checking out the Ice displays/Christmas stuff. They had a spot of artificial turf, that for some reason was just magnetizing to us. You couldn't not lay down and/or wrestle on it. I think it also helped that it was beautifully warm, but not hot outside...and after being inside at 9 degrees? Heaven.

And no fire ants!!!

That weekend I decorated the living room and we got our Christmas tree. Our house is so tiny, I can't take cluttering up the whole house, so I just removed the Steampunk stuff from the living room and decorated there and added some lights to the front porch.

We dig it. Gets us in the spirit of things without making me feel like I am drowning in kitsch. (cough, my mom's house, cough..God love her.)

I also made the fam-damily take me to see the light display in Wickham Park in Melbourne. I think Dave could definitely take or leave that kind of thing, but Holden and I enjoy it, so he plays along.

I played the Doctor Who theme for Holden as we drove through this, at least he thinks I'm cool.

In non-Christmas related news, it was time to return A-Moon to her real owners. We were given the pony a few years back as a free, long-term lease. The deal being we'd keep her until Holden outgrew her and/or the owners had grandchildren that were old enough to enjoy her. That time came and A-Moon has returned to South Florida. I'll miss the little bugger. Though I really wish Holden was more interested in riding with me more often, I do have a few great Mother/Son trail-ride memories that I will always cherish. Memories that wouldn't exist without such a level-headed, good natured little pony in our lives.

The definition of overkill: using a 4 Horse, LQ Trailer and Dually to transport a 450 pound pony.

This also happened:

Dave thought it would be hysterical to put Joey, the mentally unbalanced cat, in the saddle while I was riding. He actually snuggled in adorably, until Mercedes moved and then he was all, "F*&^k that, freaks!"

And lastly, we had a Christmas-themed Shop party last weekend, complete with Dirty Santa. In my mind Dirty Santa is just another name for Yankee Swap or White Elephant. Not everyone has heard it called that, so Dirty-Dirty Santa it was. It got very '50 Shades of Grey' up in the Shop.

I found the most Spectacu-Tacky Christmas Tree at Big Lots for the party.  
Made the Beer Can Angel myself. If this Librarian thing doesn't work out, I think I have a future in the Flea Market circuit.

Other than the usual at work, Crossfitting my booty off, and dealing with the daily struggle of finding the balance between enjoying the treats of the season but not going off the rails, that's been the past couple of weeks. Have yourselves a very Merry Christmas and remember:

Don't drink and ride.

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