Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas Newsletters

I know a lot of people find them pretentious, and in this day and age rather obsolete. And I agree. But I still like reading them. It's like a personal highlight reel, allowing people to broadcast the best and the worst of their year. Sure, you could make the argument that that is exactly what Facebook is for most people. And I would also agree except for the fact that for those who Facebook a LOT or those who don't at all (yes, those people do actually exist) it shows me what they think were the most important happenings to them this year. Which interests me. They are also useful in the case of those old friends or family members who you're still curious about, but whose statuses you had to hide on FB due to their excessive political posting this past year.

Anyramble, since I do FB a lot, and I have...ya know...this blog and all, my version of the Christmas Newsletter/Highlight Reel is our photo collage Christmas Card. I've been doing them the past couple of years now. I am quite sure there are some haters whose eyes roll out of the back of their heads when they see them. But I love them. And they are great little memory for me and Dave.

Here is this year's card:
Photo Card
View the entire collection of cards.

So, suck it haters. Life is short. Holden is growing up and we're getting old and these little collages mean a lot to me.

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