Wednesday, October 3, 2012

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Is it just me but does a sign like that make you want to go in there?

Last post was a little heavy, but I'm glad I got that out. For today let's just focus on the crazy-banana-pants-fun-stuff going on lately, shall we?

The Women in the Wind gals (female motorcycle club) had a co-ed overnight ride to St Augustine the weekend before. It was the first time I'd really ridden my bike in a couple of months. Why? Partly because I lost the key when my purse was stolen and it took me months to replace it. No, not because BMW gave me a hard time, but because it's been hot as hell lately and I've not been inspired to ride. I'm a weirdo that actually prefers riding in the colder temps. And more importantly, because I'm bored with my bike. I know, I know....could there be a bigger first world problem?  

Total piece of crap, isn't it?

Don't get me wrong, it's an awesome bike. The best bike, in my opinion, if you like to wick it up in the twisties but still want a Cruiser-style bike. And it's so freaking cool looking. But it's not me anymore. I've fallen in love with the Sport Tourers. I want the agility and speed of a sport bike, but with an upright sitting position, electric windshield, fairings and cruise control. In other words, the ability to really tear it up, safely, in the mountains AND be comfortable and more protected from the elements on the long ride there from Florida. 

Anyway, back to St Augustine... this happened.
That shirt reminds me so much of the stuff sold on the Jersey Shore in the 80s. Pose is meant to be ironic, just for the record.

After an evening of fun, there may have been alcohol involved for the record, I suggested we climb down into the (dry) moat around the Fort and make big shadows on the wall in the shape of WITW. For some reason, one or two in the group though climbing down the 8 foot wall might not be the wisest idea in our condition. Buzz-kills. Dave suggested instead that we stand on the edge and the back-light would make a cool pic.

He was right.

The whole weekend was good fun, but it did finally solidify my desire to sell my bike and try to find a used RT or FJR in my price range. That said, cross your fingers denizens of the interwebs, we should be delivering Blue to her new owner tomorrow morning. I've already got a whole list of potential bikes saved on Cycle Trader. Mua-hahahahahha

This one is probably going to be it, if my old man will front me the difference between Blue and it.

In other news, Dave's skydiving again.

Seriously, could he be any more awesome?

He did a couple of hundred jumps in his high-school and college days; but flying, wrenching, life and logistics...oh yeah, and money (or lack there ofgot in the way. He's sacrificed for years to always keep me in horses and as a result has put his own passions on the back burner. Thankfully, though we are at point in our lives where he is ready to be a little more aggressive regarding his needs/wants (a GOOD thing, trust me) and I think I've grown-up enough to sacrifice some of my own, if it makes him happy. 

And it does. I know it sounds trite, but there really is no better realization of how much you love someone as when you realize that them being fulfilled and truly happy makes you feel the same. 

In closing ladies and germs, lest I complete a post without some sort of reference to food and fitness. I made this:
Gross, but yummy. This is getting to be a trend with me.

It's a Meatza. A meat-topped pizza with a ground-beef crust, instead of pizza dough. It looks so wrong, but it tastes so right. Definitely for those wacky Paleos and Primals amongst us.

And on the fitness end of things, I'm in the middle of a free week trial at an actual Crossfit Box. Full Gorilla Fitness, the beginner-Crossfit-in-the-park-program, we were doing over the summer are on hiatus until who knows when due to the trainers being too busy with their full-time jobs. Something about needing to concentrate on educating our youth and taking care of their own families. Whatever. That said, I am really digging Treasure Coast Crossfit and will most likely be joining. More on my experiences there coming up soon.

Till then, keep the shiny side up!

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