Wednesday, August 28, 2013's things?

So the summer, both at work and home, has been crazy-nutball-banana-pants.


No time to write, or think for that matter. But, in short:

I'm still a rabid Crossfitter.

So this totally happened. FINALLY. Though it's still only a on-a-good-day kinda thing.

I'm still a Primal Blueprint Gal. Though we have admittedly been waaaay too lenient on the weekends. That shit is about to get corrected big time, but we'll get to that.
Coconut Flour Pancakes, FTW!

I rode my bike some.
Nope, not the ocean. The eastern shore of Lake Okeechobee.

We went to the beach a bit more than in the past.
 Actual Atlantic Ocean pictured.
Look at the little grain belly on that boy! Don't worry he really doesn't look this all the time.

We had adventures.
 Family vacation this year was to North Georgia. Lots of great (and shockingly dangerous) hiking (I'm looking at you, Talullah Gorge SP!) and biking and was topped off with the Fathers Day Pangea Adventure Race at Wekiva SP on the way home. At which, we rocked.

There was a Shop Party or two.
"Go to Casa de Fuchs, grab a nice cold pint, and wait for this all to blow over."

I finally got the plain, little Ankh tattoo on my back done-up properly.
 In Germany they refer to Tramp Stamps as Arschgeweih, which means Ass Antlers. You're welcome.

 I turned forty-fucking-years old, went to Colorado, climbed Longs Peak and saw a concert at Red Rocks, among other things.
 Longs Peak Hike/Climb - Most amazing experience of my life. End of story.

And the highlight of the summer? They finally started selling Fat Tire in Florida!
My life is now complete.

So. Now what? Well, to be honest, though I have definitely been building muscle and making slow and gradual progress at Crossfit, I do feel like I've let my body fat percentage creep up a bit. Dave and I are both spot on pictures of Paleo and Crossfit perfection. Monday through Friday. But for a lot of the summer, I've slacked off in regards to keeping the total calories/cheats in check on the weekends. I just got back from a check-up with the Endocrinologist and she is over the moon regarding my thyroid numbers, blood pressure, cholesterol etc. She even says she's fine with my weight. Which all made me a very happy camper.

But that said, I do want to lower my body fat percentage, (and no, I don't know exactly what it is now. I just want to be...less.) gain more muscle, and keep making improvements at the gym. And maybe, just maybe give another shot at not having to log all my food. All day. Everyday. I'm not really hopeful on that last one, but we'll see. Lessons were learned on the Whole 30 back in January. (lay off the freakin' almonds, being one) Lessons I am hoping will help me succeed at this:   

Check it out here.

Blogging always helps when I am doing these challenges, so expect to see me posting more often again.

I know! Be still your heart, right?


  1. Looking forward to seeing more post from you. And I gotta say "Ass Antlers"?? DAY MADE! I like that so much better than tramp stamp.

  2. Thanks!
    And yes, Ass Antlers is ever so much more classy, don't ya think? ;)

  3. Ass Antlers. Gods, that's perfect. I'm going to be giggling to myself the rest of the day.