Friday, November 9, 2012

Getting around...

What a week! Took the evening flight from Ft Lauderdale and arrived in Denver just before midnight last Thursday night. Why? To spend the weekend with and have a fantabulous time with my college buddy, Kelly, who was desperate for a Get-Out-Of-Dodge weekend. Which she already needed before Hurricane Sandy hit her home in NJ and left her without power for the week.

Her boobs are not usually so shiny.

We hiked.
Red Rocks Park was ah-MAzing. So. Many. Fit. People.

We drank.
Seriously, do we need more than one Coyote Ugly-type franchise?

We hiked some more.
On the trail from Buffalo Bill's Grave to the Lookout Mountain Nature Center.

Where we stumbled into this guy:
We both thought he was a statue at first, till he moved.
After much deliberation, we took our chances and walked past him. He was neither scared nor concerned. A very impressive animal that nearly caused me to have to change my pants.

And we drank some more....
and took really horrible self-portaits. Hey! But at least no duck-face!

I took the red-eye home Sunday night, took a nap and then headed to Orlando for two nights at the Coco Key Water Resort in Orlando with the family, where we:

Got soaked.

Had a few cold ones. (shocking and unexpected, I know) 

And finally worked on my tan lines. Are you people happy now?

Seriously, it was the first time pretty much EVER, that Dave and I just hung out at a resort/pool all day. No rushing to activities or events, just chilling. It was glorious. I think it was the timing of the Denver trip that allowed me to slow down so much, but no matter. It was a really great little family getaway.

And as if we haven't had enough time together this week, the three of us will be sitting in the woods from 7:00am Saturday morning through 2:00pm Sunday afternoon. All alone except for the 89 runners who will pass by our aid station as they participate in the Wild Sebastian 100. Yup, that's 100 miles on foot. And you people think I'm nuts.

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